How To Prepare for NEET in 1 Month

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How To Prepare for NEET in 1 Month

How to Prepare for NEET in One Month-2021 Exam Preparation

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is to be held on September 12th 2021 as per the latest report. Now we have been receiving a lot of questions from students regarding this exam. Some of the doubts or questions include:

  • Can I crack NEET in One Month?
  • How to make a good time table for NEET Preparation in 1 Month?
  • How to Prepare for NEET in One Month?
  • Which all portions should we concentrate in the last month?
  • Are there any shortcuts for NEET exam preparation in One Month?
  • What is the Easiest way to prepare for NEET in One Month?

All these questions show us the anxiety of students regarding how to study, what to study and what not to study. So why not evaluate the above questions and come up with some tips to help students prepare for their exams.


Can I Crack NEET in One Month?

NEET Examination requires thorough preparation as it encompasses all portions of NCERT Textbook from Standard 11 & 12. There will be 180 questions from 4 subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology & Botany. Exam duration will be 3 hours or 180 minutes. So if you calculate, you can see the maximum time you can allot for 1 question in 1 minute or 60 seconds. Time management is really important for NEET & so is the need for accuracy as 1 mark will be deducted for every negative answer. So in order to crack NEET Exam you need to plan your time well, study your portions well and you should also have a strategy for time management during the exam. If you have all these covered, then you don’t have to worry much about cracking NEET Exam.

How to Make a Good Time Table for NEET Preparation in One Month?

How to Prepare for NEET in One Month?

What is the easiest way to prepare for NEET in One Month?

These three can be answered together as students want to know one thing while asking this question and that is how to distribute time effectively so as to cover everything in one month? Well having a customized time table suited for each students needs is the most powerful but underrated technique. You have to dedicate more than 11 hours of study each day. Make sure you do justice to each topic based on their importance in NEET. Make ample lot of time to do Previous Year Question Papers as well as Mock Tests provided by various Online Education Platforms. This can help you prepare for the exams and try to follow the time pattern.

Which all portions should we concentrate in the last month?

This is a tough question as there is no cut and fast rule as to how the mark distribution will be. We do have a slight guess pattern based on the previous year questions prepared by experts, but then again, if it comes to the question which all portions should we concentrate in the last month, the best answer will be all portions. Make a right mix of the portions by analyzing what all topics are important & how proficient you are in each of these topics. Make sure you cover each topic at least once or at least try to go through previous year questions from each topic.

Are there any shortcuts for NEET exam preparation in One Month?

To be honest, no there is no shortcut for clearing NEET exam in one month. The only way is to study and prepare. The shortcuts that you can use for NEET is however, to make short forms for remembering big answers or confusing answers etc. Some of the short cuts for biology in the flash cards is given by us in our blog.

So now comes the important part of this article. What are some of the tips that we can provide for the students to help them study and crack NEET in 1 Month?


How to Crack NEET in 1 Month?

1. Prepare a Proper Timetable for Revision

As discussed earlier, prepare a time table for revision and try to arrive at a right proportion of portions by comparing what portions carry the most weight according to previous years and how proficient you are in those areas. Also keep in mind that you have to dedicate a minimum of 11 hours each day during these 30 days. Then make sure that you cover all 4 subjects with equal priority so as to not leave any portions uncovered. Make a customized time table, allot more time to portions that you are lagging behind and make sure that you practice mock tests with the time limit in mind.



2. Allot Time based on Importance of topics & Marks allotted for each.

Various online sources will give you important topics based on analysis of previous year question patterns. Make sure to go through that and prepare a planner based on where you need to concentrate more and how much mark is can you expect from those portions. Try to practice mock tests with the same time allotment scheme as that of the exam and see how much you can achieve in that time.

3. Solve Previous Year Question Papers as much as Possible

Previous Year Question Papers are excellent guides as there is always a chance of questions being repeated. This is a pattern that we have seen so often and most of the education experts agree with the fact that previous question paper solving is important for NEET exams. Try to solve at least 2 sets of previous year question papers each day so as to make yourself familiar with the question pattern as well as to increase your speed.

4. Find Shortcuts for remembering difficult topics, formulas etc.

Try to find important short formulas from Internet or any other sources that can help you remember difficult equations and answers. There are hundreds of such shortcuts available online and try to memorize these so that you can get an advantage on some difficult topics. As you know, for NEET, as all questions are MCQs, it doesn’t matter how you do it, the final answer should be correct. So for physics and chemistry numerical, there are a lot of short formulas available that can help you find answers to difficult questions in simple steps. Try to follow that method as they can help you arrive at the accurate answer within the allotted time slot.

5. Avoid Procrastination

With just 30 days left for the exam, Procrastination is the one thing that you should avoid completely. One day of Procrastination can cause you your career, so if you are serious about cracking NEET, then don’t indulge in procrastination. Always remember your goal when you feel like skipping your time table. Stay focused. Remember that you will have ample lot of time for video games and movies and social media after the exams. For now you need to focus on your goals.

6. Make time for Relaxation

Now this point should be considered carefully. Here relaxation doesn’t mean you going off the track and procrastinating. Here relaxation means having proper sleep, taking enough breaks in between and reducing tensions. Make sure that you stay hydrated and practice good eating habits. Stay healthy and try to give your mind and brain enough rest so that they won’t get pressurized.

What is the conclusion that you can get from this article?

Know that NEET exam requires lot of preparation and dedication. Put your maximum effort into studying and try to cover all portions systematically with the help of proper time table. Try to cover previous year questions as well as mock tests and take ample lot of rests. Stay healthy and most of all avoid procrastination if you want to score good mark and if you want to crack NEET in 1 month. We do hope this article has helped you find answers that you were looking to. Please let us know what you think in comments. We at Talentspire, believe in teaching children in a holistic way that they learn the basics of each concept and then apply it. So, for us well being of the students comes first and we wish you all a good luck for the upcoming NEET exam.

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