Importance of Online Education During Pandemic

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Importance of Online Education During Pandemic

Importance of Online Education During Pandemic

Covid-19 has rendered the whole world to a stand-still. We are still learning to adapt to the new social norms. But one of the harsh decisions was the widespread closure of schools, thereby opening a new era of online learning.

This has led to the topic we are discussing today: “Importance of Online Education During Pandemic”. We adults are having problems adjusting to the new norms of the society, so can we blame our kids for getting fed up with these new systems. Students are worried about their education and exam systems and we parents have no clue on what to do to make them stay focused in the right direction. Schooling from home is typically difficult for high school students and higher secondary students. Their future is on line here. They are not used to the online system of learning. For them, getting extra help after online classes from school is proving to be difficult.

So what can we parents do? As we say, there are no guidelines on how to be a parent. But, when it comes to online learning of your kid & that too in this decisive year of their life, all adults look for some sort of help to get us prepared to help our kids.

Guidelines for Parents for Online Classes:

Given below are some of the tips that can come in handy in helping your high-schooler concentrate and focus so as to gain maximum from what they are taught.

  1. Provide your kids a Structure for their daily routine: Kids are clueless on how to manage their time and studies. So as parents it is essential that we help them form a routine for their study and make sure they follow the pattern while they are schooling from home.
  2. Make Space for Learning: Arrange a proper place for the kids to study. There should be no factors to distract them from their studies. Also, special care should be taken to ensure their sitting and posture remains intact. Otherwise, this can lead to orthopedic issues in the future. Provide them with all the necessary infrastructure that they may require to study well.
  3. Monitor Your Kids Classes: This is not an easy task. We parents also have to work from home, so keeping an eye on our kids during their classes can be tiring. But in this new online learning milieu, it is mandatory that we keep an eye on them. Check their eye movements and see if they are concentrating on the screen. Make it mandatory to maintain notes of each class, so that they don’t zone out. Ask them questions if possible. Encourage them with their efforts.
  4. Digital Quarantine/ Recess: With students learning at home, they are more exposed to digital devices. So it is necessary that we plan them a healthy schedule in which they do have enough break from their devices. Do not entertain the use of games and other apps along with class as it can be distracting. If possible, do provide them a dedicated device such as school laptop or tablet. There are many online education platforms that give these services where they include their portions in a tablet dedicated for study purposes.
  5. Make Them Understand the Importance of Time: As a wise person once said, you don’t get a refund on time wasted, so use it wisely. Let your kids know that this time is not vacation, they need to focus on their studies if they want to have a career of their choice. Help them with their time management till they grasp the hang of it.
  6. We Are In This Together: Kids can get a bit frustrated with being caged within the four walls of their home. They may get a feeling of isolation. So, it is really important for parents to tell kids that they are also going through the same dilemma and so all are in this together. Mental health is a very important factor and we should pay close attention to our kids in this case. Encourage them to talk with their friends, have a little video chat with them and make sure they remain connected with their peers. Make sure they enjoy a little leisure time where they can engage with their friends and enjoy life as much as possible in this situation.

There is no doubt that this is a challenging time for all. So we have to look for ways to adapt to the new normal. Education in Pandemic is a grave issue. Though homeschooling has always been there, it was never mandatory. But now this is mandatory and also increased screen time is said to have both positive and negative impacts on students. Hope these tips given above can serve as a guideline for helping your kids. If you need any help on topics like this, feel free to comment below.

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