Which Stream After 10th? Factors To Focus While Making Your Decision.

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Which Stream After 10th? Factors To Focus While Making Your Decision.

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What After 10th?

What after 10th? This is a question that all of us have been asked. While in 10th standard, many students have not been able to answer this properly. We know for a fact that many of us have regretted making the wrong choices after 10th.

But how can one be so sure of what they want? What are the factors that students should consider while looking for the next step? What help or guidance can parents provide in this aspect? This article is a humble trial at finding answers for multitudes of such questions that plague the minds of students as well as parents everywhere.

In 10th there are many factors that affect kids while making the decision as to what next?

Mostly in the Indian scenario, parents, relatives and friends play a great role in kids deciding what they want to study. If you ask me, I would say it’s high time that this trend changed. This decision affects the student’s career and future so it should be taken deliberately. What I have often heard is, You should go with science, take entrance exams and become an engineer or a doctor. If a student objects, or if they have some other plans, they are told, listen to your elders, they know what is best for you. Is that true? No, it’s their life, they should mould it in the way they want. Nobody, parents, relatives or friends should influence them.

As a student what are the parts that you need clarification? What should you ask yourselves before making the decision? Let us see below:

What do I want for a career?

First of all, know that it is okay to want to be something different. You don’t need to be a doctor, engineer or a government employee.

What is that profession that I can see myself doing? This is the most important question that you should ask yourself. Most of the kids are ignorant of the wide variety of career options that we have. Try to conduct research online on what are the career options that have a scope or growth. What are the educational qualifications that you need for a particular job and what subjects you need.

Go online, research about various new courses, job opportunities they provide and what are the requirements for each course. There are lots of opportunities for each person in today’s world. So know that you don’t have to be limited by anything. Try to widen your knowledge and find out which career suits you the most.

What subjects do I like?

Before choosing a stream in class 11,it is always beneficial to keep in mind the subjects that you like and that you are good at. Try to choose a stream which has your favorite subject. Going for science without loving physics is like trying to eat something forcefully. Don’t do that. Go for something that genuinely interests you and that you can put your efforts in.


Whom should I take assistance from?

For choosing a stream, if you need help then whom should you approach? You can ask teachers, parents, friends, relatives, siblings or an educational consultant. But the final choice should be yours. Know one thing for sure, the decision should be made by you, not by anyone else. You have to live this life so choose wisely. You can’t live a life your parents, siblings, friends or relatives choose.

What Guidance Can/Should Parents & Teachers Provide?

Parents and teachers should guide the students to choose their career wisely. Help them find their calling. You can’t force your desire on them. It is their life and let them decide who they want to be. Just be a guide showing them the way. In today’s world, whatever students choose, they have the option to become that. They are not restricted by anything. Opportunities are available in each field and let your kids explore. The only restriction you should put is to stop them from doing something harmful.

Various Streams & Their Career Options

Science Stream: Engineering, Architecture and Medicine & Science and Maths degree streams.

Commerce Stream: Accounting, Marketing, Business, Economics, Finance, Trade & Stock Broking.

Humanities: Economics, Education, Media & Politics, Literature, Philosophy

Vocational Streams in 11th & 12th: Other than the regular Science, Commerce & Humanities, we have many vocational streams included in it by the CBSE & State boards.

So let us look briefly at what are the factors that one should look into before you answer the question, “what after 10th?”.

What do I want for a career?

What subjects do I like?

Whom should I take assistance from?

Keep this in mind while you choose, this decision is important for your career and can affect your entire future, so take your time and decide wisely. Don’t be pressurized into any decisions that you don’t want. Don’t choose something because your friends chose that. Choose the field because you need it. Not because your parents or friends want it. Hope you got a general idea on this topic. Comment and let us know if you have any concerns regarding this topic.

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